Marc-André Martin |

Interactive Graphism and Development
(Graphic Design, animation, development Front-end and Back-end)

I can help your business target your market online. I evolve in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Québec (I was based in Côte-Nord before) and I’ll counsel you to pick the best technology for the most effective impacts based on the goals we'll establish. I’ll build all the communication tools that we'll need to reach them.

From multiplatform ads, website, event’s website, online shop (ecommerce), web application, games, mobile app, etc.

Personalised Website

Themes, Interactive campaign , Online shop

Wordpress, Drupal, Ghost, OctoberCMS, Woocommerce, OpenCart, etc.

On the bench: Concrete5 et Magento

Web App personalised

Tools, Data analysis, Intranet

Laravel, CodeIgniter, Slim, Composer, AWS, GIT / SVN / Mercurial, OOP, MVC, SSH, Ubuntu/CentOS, MYSQL (mariadb)/SQLITE/PostgreSQL, etc.

On the bench: Django et Odoo

Content Creation

Photography, Graphism, Print

Personalized content creation for your needs. Your office photos, team portraits, etc.

You can find my stock images there :



Preprocessing CSS (SASS/LESS), Grunt/Gulp/Webpack FTW, Bootstrap, Foundation, Materialize, Jquery, Vuejs, etc.

On the bench: Reactjs

The Basis of client-server communications


PHP, Python, Ruby, Ubuntu/CentOS, MYSQL (mariadb) / SQLITE / PostgreSQL, JSON, etc.


Learning Agility in multidisciplinary teams to create an ever-evolving environment.

Time management base on the reality of the project, project management, creative and proactive solutions, ever ending curiosity and learning.